Why Reiki is Beneficial to the Workplace

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

“A happy worker is a productive worker

Most of us have heard the quote above yet, we have no idea how much of an impact an unhappy employee can have on a company's profitability. According to a study published by Population Health Management, healthcare costs, employee productivity and employee retention levels can be predicted from an employee's overall well-being. In addition, it is estimated that 12-40% of a company's net earnings are spent on employee retention (turnover) and physical health issues cost employers

over $200 billion a year due to employee absences and decreases in productivity. The take home should be that companies who ignore their employees' overall well-being and happiness end up hurting their own bottom lines.

Whether a company's employees are its greatest asset or greatest liability can be decided by how much a company focuses on building a workplace culture that takes into account the well-being of its workers. While no organization can completely stress-proof their office environment, they can offer their workers an outlet to release stress while in the office.

Why Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation method that involves light touching. While claims of Reiki's ability to heal have been disputed, the ability of Reiki to induce deep relaxation is widely accepted. A workplace Reiki session can be done in any quiet and private office or conference room, and can be conducted with the client in a lying or seated position. Additionally, Reiki is not an intrusive method of stress reduction in that it does not require the receiver of Reiki to divulge any information or confide in the Reiki practitioner. This lack of disclosure is ideal for organizations that deal with sensitive information such as government agencies, hospitals, medical/dental offices, law firms, etc.

Relaxed employees are less likely to take frustrations out on one another decreasing workplace tension and promoting a cooperative work environment. With less stress, employees are also likely to have a higher sense of overall well-being and workplace contentment which can increase their efficiency and productivity. A well-scheduled Reiki session can also refresh a workforce that is facing fatigue and stress due to an intense work week or during a large project that has placed an increased amount of pressure on them than normally expected.

Because a state of calmness is linked to greater mental clarity, calmer employees and executives will be able to problem solve more creatively than when they are in a frazzled or stressed state. In addition to an increased ability to problem solve, a boost in mental clarity can decrease mistakes and human errors caused by burnout and stress. Finally, offering Reiki sessions to your staff demonstrates both a commitment to your employees and an interest in their overall well-being.

All of these benefits can stimulate a boost in office morale and lead to a decrease in employee turnover which, is valuable to employees and employers alike. It is easier and more profitable for a company if it has a high employee retention rate since turnover reduces an organization's efficiency as new employees scramble to learn the workflow and tasks associated with their jobs. A low turnover rate also allows employees to form organic bonds due to familiarity and master time saving methods for completing their tasks


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