Tiff Snips #9: What's Your Armor?

Sometimes we put on armor to navigate challenging situations or environments and forget to take it off. Worse yet, sometimes we have no idea we are wearing armour at all! In this video, I share some examples of armor, If you care to share, Please let me know, what your armoris?

Hello,I am coming to you one year older, well not really but I had a birthday in between the time I am shooting this video and the last video that was released., so for me it's kind of a new year and a new energy. Since we are moving near the end of 2019, just shifting our energy to feel like it is a new year already can help to get ourselves out of a rut and be more optimistic about what lies ahead for us. Anyway, I was not sure what I should talk about for this video and for some reason the word armor popped up so i'm going to do a little, short - well hopefully a short video on armor and different types of things that can be viewed as armor by others. I will use myself as an example and who knows, maybe you will see some of you in me or you will realize the ways you use armor.

There are a lot of ways we can keep armor up as we navigate the world. Living in a place like New York City, many forms of armor are pretty common but when we get used to wearing emotional or energetic armor it can be hard to take it off and reveal our authentic selves..The armor becomes a part of our everyday being and we do not realize that we might be unintentionally shutting things out like new experiences, blessings - thing we cannot even imagine because we are walking around with armor that we sometimes do not realize that we have on.. This armor can also act as barriers to relationships.

A personal example is that when I am not shooting a video, I will usually have sunglasses on, And though I do this because my eyes are sensitive to bright light, people who do not know about my light sensitivity may assume that I wear sunglasses often as armor and as a way of keeping people out or preventing them from reading me and connecting with me on a certain level. It is interesting to see what assumptions we make about other people when we do not know why they do what they do. When I put on sunglasses it is not really something I think about or consider how other people may perceive them. It did not occur to me until recently that wearing sunglasses could be seen as putting up a wall or armor, That is j after all ust one way to look at it.

Everything including demeanor can be considered armor. For example when I first meet someone I tend to be quiet, unfortunately some people will interpret my silence as being aloof or standoffish but this is something that occurs naturally for me because I can be shy, especially when around many people. Things such as our demeanor, tone of voice, facial expression, accessories or overall appearance can act as forms of armor even though this may not be our intention.

As I ponder and reflect like the water behind me on all the things I do which seem perfectly normal to me but may be perceived as deploying armor .instead of engaging the environment or people around me, I can see past interactions in a new light. Please take a moment to reflect and see if you notice any habits or behaviors you have that can be perceived as armor or ways of keeping the world "at bay" and keeping people a certain amount of space or distance away from you. If something comes to mind, please let me know below in the comments section.

This has been Tiffany for Uhuru Reiki and I will talk you guys and gals again soon. Until then...

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