Tiff Snips #8: How Do You Know When it's Time to Let Go?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

In a previous video I talked about grief and how I dealt with grief after losing my mother. In this video, I want to focus on knowing when it is time to let go. After all, it is one thing when something or someone leaves your life, but how do you know when you need to let go? Whether it is a relationship, a job, a living situation, a hobby, a habit/addiction, a group of friends, whatever - how do you know?

There are obvious signs when it is time to release something for instance, if you are in a constant state of stress or drained then those are obvious signs and symptoms that there is something in your life should probably let go of. But sometimes - actually a lot of times the signs can be a lot more subtle. These signs tend to start small and become larger when we ignore them, One great indicator for me that might work for you as well if are aware of it, is to allow the body to be your guide.

Muscle testing is a great way to help with decision making or gaining clarity in areas of your life. There are many ways to do muscle testing - one method that you can try with a friend or do on your own is to hold either of your arms straight out in front of you and say a statement. For example: my name is (your name), I live at (your address), my favorite color is (your favorite color) etc. and try to pull down the extended arm while saying the statement. If the statement is true, it should be hard to pull the are down. However, if the statement is false, the arm should go down pretty easily. This can also be done using a finger instead of an arm or interlocking two fingers like a chain and trying to pull them apart.

There is also a standing version of this where you face the north direction (use the compass on your phone if you are not sure) with your knees slightly bent until you can feel a very slight swaying energy. Then you calibrate by using statements that have solid indisputable answers like your name, where you l ive your favorite color/food/show/book/store/artist etc. Each statement can be true or false. What you are looking for during calibration is to feel yourself leaning forwards or backwards after each statement even if it is very slight motion, and after each statement you should said "clear" or "reset" before moving to the next statement. If the statement is true you should be pulled forward, if it is false you should be pulled backwards. When your body's response is consistently accurate (you can try 3 or 5 calibrating statements) then you are calibrated.

You can now use your body as a tool to answer yes or no questions with a forward lean meaning yes and a backward lean or pulling sensation meaning no. Ask a yes or no question out loud and wait for body to respond - be patient and be calm as this is something that gets better with practice. I use this method when I need clarity or if I am curious about something in the future. It is important to clear or reset between each question! Personally my nos are not always as strong as my yeses and sometimes I get no movement at all - in this case I take it as a no or something that cannot be determined at the moment, but if it is really important I may ask again at a later date. And of course there are some things we are not meant to know until they happen.

The body is smarter than many of us give it credit for and it usually gives us immediate signs when something is not right. For instance if you are around a person or go to a place and notice that your stomach muscles immediately clench, that could be your body's way of telling you that something does not feel right. This is something that was common for me when I worked in environments that did not resonate with me. I elaborate more on the havoc some work environments have had on me in this previous post. I've had a few jobs where every morning after getting ready when I started to get close to the door to leave for work my stomach would get very upset without fail each and every day. Unfortunately our society teaches that we should just "suck it up" and I had bills to pay, so I began taking stomach relief medications every morning with breakfast to head off the uncomfortable but reliable aching and churning that would occur with each step towards the door. My body was telling me that something was making me sick to my stomach and I was ignoring it.

As we move deeper into fall, think about things in your life that you may need to let go of, This could be your past, the stories you tell yourself about you, your family or the world. Maybe it is a grudge or two that you are still holding on to. Anything that is making your body feel denser than it needs to because when you feel lighter this allows a lot of good things to flow into your life. And when you are often in a state of lightness and joy, it is harder for anything heavy or dense to get in your energy field and get caught in your aura. Please share your stories of how you knew it was time to release something and let it go below.

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