Tiff Snips #22: Lessons from the Corona Virus

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I have been all over the map mentally and emotionally during the Covid 19 quarantine

here in New York City. It feels like an ultimate time out for much of the world and has been a great time for inner reflection and re-evaluation of our current paths. The Corona virus has also revealed systemic issues in our societies and chronic issues within our lives however, this same virus has illuminated the positive aspects of our lives as well. While doing a food run I decided to record some of my thoughts on the positive that can come out of this difficult time. Also, this is one of the few videos I have done in NYC that does not have blaring sirens drowning me out, instead I was competing with some very vocal birds.

Hey guys! I am shooting a not so sunny video because the spot with a lot of Sun light has a few people in it and I'm trying to practice social distancing. So hopefully you will still enjoy this video. I know it's been a while since I've done one of these videos, but I have mentally and emotionally been all over the place as I'm sure many of you have. And just you know knowing what to talk about how to feel because this is unlike anything pretty much most of us have experienced in our lives before.

Oh, by the way I do live in New York City so I am in the epicenter of the pandemic, especially in the United States. It's definitely different being here – it's different energy and as someone who always complains about how crowded New York is and how much noise it has and there being too much traffic and too many people, I have to say now that I'm going out and seeing everything that it is the people who make New York City. And what I am finding is that when we do go out, because we are practicing social distancing and most of us are holding up in our homes except for important appointments or our essential workers who are still going out there everyday in the middle of everything and facing - I can only imagine.

I just want to say thank you to any essential workers who are watching this video right now. Thank you so much for your sacrifice, your time and just showing up in this time of chaos. But what I am noticing is that there's so much of a deeper appreciation for nature, like the way people really allow themselves to be at peace in the parks and also a deeper appreciation for each other. So I'm not sure what everything will look like when we come out on the other side of this but I think for a lot of people we will come to value human connection so much more and understand how important it is. As my therapist said last week, as humans we are wired to connect. So if anything, maybe we will all come out of this grateful for the connections we have in our life and being able to connect with new people. This is Tiffany for Uhuru Reiki and I hope you guys are well, safe and healthy. Talk to you soon - stay beautiful ,stay amazing, stay positive.

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