Tiff Snips #21: Late Winter Update 2020

Since completing my Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship life has gotten intense! I'm not sure I took into account how much growing and integration was just beginning to take shape on my path. I'm still learning how to balance out what is entering my life with what is ready to depart. Here is a short update with a transcription below.

Hey guys! I know it has been a while since i've done a video and I just need to give you all a quick update. Uhuru Reiki now has Reikied oils available for sale online (if you haven't heard) and also at the Montauk Salt Cave of NYC which is a pink Himalayan Salt cave - You should check it out. Anyway, you can also get the oils there.

So i've been really really busy making the oils, trying to get more into branding and marketing, and figuring out the best way to get word out and how to make these products available. Because of that I have not had as much time to really do the musings I normally do for you guys. The only thing I can say is that, your life is cyclical much like the seasons in a year.

As you get more and more clear in your thoughts and energy you will may find that become more sensitive to the earth's changes. Everything from solar flares, to the changing of seasons, barometric pressure, etc. It's something that other people get if they have experienced a similar kind of opening or have had divine alignment by being one with the one. But people who are not going through this change and have never experienced it cannot imagine just how much all of these seemingly minute and far away changes can affect your life - basically just being really sensitive to anything. This is something to keep in mind if you are out there and currently going through shifts and noticing your mind and body going through some very weird things. You may now be more easily affected by weather, overall environments and other people. Just don't feel too weird because there are other people out there experiencing similar things, so keep going on your journey. Support each other and continue to take care of yourselves and be beautiful -- until next time...

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