Tiff Snips #20: Completing my Reiki Master Apprenticeship

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

In order for the following video to make sense, you will need to understand the Reiki Practitioner path. Reiki was founded in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Kyoto, Japan. He received the Reiki ability during meditation on the Sacred Mountain of Kurama Yama. He realized he had the ability of healing touch after injuring his toe while running down the mountain to share the enlightenment he experienced on top of Kurama Yama.

Usui Sensei developed a system of training and techniques that was taught to students called Usui Reiki. This training system included three degrees or levels of Reiki which are level one: Shoden, level two: Okuden and level three the mystery level: Shinpiden. Later on Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to Hawaii which led to it spreading across North America. Takata Sensei also added her own style and techniques to Reiki. One of the unique aspects of Reiki is that Reiki Masters are encouraged to improve on it’s techniques creating a rich legacy with every branching Reiki modalities.

After Sensei Takata’s contributions, Arthur Robertson would further improve on Reiki by blending Tibetan shamanism healing methods with knowledge from level two of the Usui/Takata Reiki system and this new Reiki system would be called Raku Kei. William Lee Rand would be the next Reiki Master to create a more popular Reiki training style by combining the Usui and Raku Rei Reiki systems to create Usui/Tibetan Reiki. The Usui/Tibetan Reiki system is the Reiki system I learned from Geordie Numata who also created his own Reiki modality called Angelic Liquid Light Healing. I also hope to add to the legacy of Reiki and honor my Reiki lineage.

(This is my Reiki lineage tracing back to the founder of Reiki.)

Some Reiki Masters like my teacher Geordie found that it was better to split the mystery level of Reiki where Reiki students become masters into two separate classes with the final class focusing on training students on how to become Reiki Master Teachers. My Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship was an optional step I felt that I should take after completing my Reiki Master Teacher class. This involved working with my teacher Geordie Numata to further my own spiritual development by healing and releasing blocks. In the course of this work, we dug through layers upon layers of my armor, years of stuffed emotions, bad habits and problematic programming.

The amount of time it takes to complete an apprenticeship like this one varies and there were many times when I felt it was too long. However, in hindsight it took the exact amount of time it was supposed to - nine months. In nine months time an embryo becomes a fully formed baby ready to take on life outside of their mother’s womb. Nine is also the number of completion. And nine months of volunteering as a Reiki Practitioner multiple times a week really helped me to experience immense growth, wisdom and healing that I would not have otherwise experienced. One of the requirements of my Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship included assisting in teaching all levels of Reiki. The video below was shot the day after assisting in teaching the final Reiki level of my apprenticeship. There is an edited summary of the video below the video.

Hey guys! I wanted to do this while things are still fresh in my mind. Yesterday was the end of my Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship. For the past nine months I've been working with Geordie Numata and under going self healing, self development and doing lots of Reiki treatments for people while volunteering three times a week and at a monthly clinic. In order to complete my apprenticeship I had to assist Geordie in teaching levels one and two of Reiki, level three or the advanced Reiki training level and finally the Reiki Master Teacher level which is the highest level in the Reiki System.

Over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday I finished up with the last class and it has been a very deeply rewarding experience. I realized on the last day as I looked around at our students, at Geordie and at the other Reiki Master Teacher apprentice Paola (hey Paola), that they were all my teachers and I felt like I truly got the spirit of Reiki in that moment. It felt like I needed everyone in that room more than they needed me. Additionally, this process has churned up a lot of things for me and there are things that are still being brought to the surface to be processed and healed - things going all the way back to my childhood.

Hopefully you guys and gals watched the two videos that I did on shadow work - it wasn't something I intentionally set out to do - working with that part of myself. But when you go on a journey to improve yourself and become better, things will come up from the past because you are now in a place where you are strong enough to deal with them and process them fully. It brought back a lot of the rough times I've gone through and a lot of the emotions I stuffed and stuffed deep down - things that I have been stuffing for years. So while going through this process I've had to feel things that I forgot I ever felt because they were just all kind of balled up inside of me. This can leave you feeling very raw and very naked but, if you stick with the process not only do you heal, you also help to usher in a new wave of Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers so the gift of Reiki continues to spread throughout the world and many others can experience the power of Reiki. It has been amazing!

I just wanted to share that with you because I feel like a very different person than the person who recorded the last video you saw. So hopefully you will stick with me on this journey that is really just starting. There's more to come and who knows? You may find that Reiki calls out to you and it is something that even if you don't want to learn to do it yourself, maybe it's something you want to experience. I wanted to share this update and achievement with you since part of being open and vulnerable with the world in addition to feeling my feelings and staying in them is to also be open by sharing my achievements and allowing people to celebrate them with me. So thank you for watching these videos and taking this journey with me. Until next time - take care of yourself!

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