Tiff Snips #2: How Does Reiki Feel?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

In my latest video I talk about what is experienced when giving and receiving Reiki. This is one of the questions I am often asked as a Reiki practitioner from others who are not Reiki practitioners. Please keep in mind that Reiki is generally gentle and subtle which is why it is best to have multiple and regular Reiki sessions. Also, please excuse the noise that is the soundtrack of New York City and see the edited transcript below the video if you choose.

Hi everyone. I've decided to a cu - quick video, well I hope it is a cute video! So. as an update on my reiki journey, I have definitely noticed some changes as far as when I first began and where I am now. When I first started doing Reiki I could fell tension and I could feel a very minimal amount of cold which indicates poor circulation in the body. And then I could sense a very, very hot sensation in my hands which would mean the area I am working on is inflamed. As I have continued to do Reiki and because I volunteer three times a week as a Reiki practitioner, I have received a lot of experience.

Now, I can tie into the emotions of others more - I can feel regret, guilt, and I can feel when those things are let go. Also, I can feel pains in the body. With some people as I start doing Reiki on them, I will start to get pain in certains parts of my body that I did not have before the Reiki session started, then I know that is an area of their body that needs work. You will notice that I and other Reiki practitioners will do a scan of your body with our hands. I actually do my scan as I am giving Reiki, other practitioners usually scan the body before they start to give Reiki. We scan your body to know where to position our hands and what parts of your body need extra attention so we can spend more time on them.

When scanning the body, if I feel a prickly sensation on my palms, I will know that something is not quite right in that area of the body and the energy in that part of the body could be a little funky or off (not circulating properly). In this case, I will spend extra time on this part of the body until I feel something release. How do I know when the block or issue has been released? When something is released from the person I am giving Reiki to, I will feel all of the muscles in my body relax and loosen. This is especially true if I have been working on one specific area for an extended period of time, I also usually feel intense heat in my hands when working in an area that requires nire intense Reiki. When the energy of the issue is released or the energy blockage is pushed through, all of a sudden there is a sense of extra space in the body.

And as far as what different people have said they experienced while receiving Reiki from me - I touched on a bit in my last video. I have gotten feedback from people saying that they had a headache and it went away, or they had a stomach issue where it was upset and I (Reiki really) cleared everything out. I have heard different things from people about their pain. Sometimes the obvious benefits of the Reiki session lasts them all week or it lasts them for days. Some feel better and feel like they have more energy, others feel more relaxed. A number of people can feel Reiki as heat, while others describe the energy as tingly.

This is another thing you will notice if you receive Reiki from different Reiki practitioners - no two Reiki practitioners will feel exactly the same, we each have something a little different since the Reiki gets a bit of flavor from our individual energies.

So that is the update as far as my development and, I look forward to doing a lot more sessions and getting a lot more feedback, but also becoming even more sensitive to what is going on with the people I am working on so I know the best ways to serve them and help.

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