Tiff Snips #19: A Lesson on Ebb and Flow

As ever evolving beings, we are always learning or at least we always have opportunities to learn. Some trials and tribulations are repeated until we are able to see and incorporate the lessons and wisdom meant for us.

Hey beautiful people! I know I haven't been doing as many videos or releasing videos as frequently, but I have been super busy. In addition to being really busy I've also been really tired. Well, I started this year with a lot of momentum and excitement as I was seeing interest in Uhuru Reiki pick up and look like it was ready to explode with abundance but then things just kind of fizzled out and I've been very frustrated about it, because I have been working hard. And I've also been super focused and trying to maintain joyful energy, while staying positive and optimistic. Additionally, I've been more mindful in retaining a sense of overall gratitude in life and feeling abundant and satisfied. So I just couldn't figure out why the increasing abundance momentum stopped, it wasn't making sense.

I also realized that for over a week now I've been feeling really tired and low-energy - needing a lot of sleep and having other symptoms that can be concerning but I haven't said "oh I'm going to go to the doctor - I'm going to check it out". I kept telling myself this malaise will pass and it wasn't until today that I had an aha moment while talking to my therapist that my health and flow of abundance may be connected. Either me feeling unwell is affecting the flow of energy and abundance in my life, or things slowed down to compensate for my decrease in energy so that I wouldn't over exert myself. And of course you know you say I'm a holistic practitioner and I should understand everything is connected but here I was neglecting my health, knowing I don't feel well and still refusing to go get checked out to see what's going on. Then at the same time I was watching the flow of abundance, career and growth just kind of stop to nothing.

Now that I have had time to reflect, I can see where this has been a pattern - where I neglect my health which affects my energy and so I go experience much resistance as far as finances or financial abundance. And instead of taking care of my health I just keep trying to focus on the obtaining financial abundance by taking on more tasks and busing myself with a plethora of research and tactics aimed on increasing my business. I keep pushing harder and harder to achieve success with Uhuru Reiki instead of realizing that the energy is not there to support what it is I'm trying to manifest and call into my life at this moment. So, I guess in this area I have been a very slow learner but I thought I would share this insight with you because there might be other people out there who are stuck in the same pattern and are also not connecting the dots. When I end this video, I'm going to officially stop by a doctor and get checked out to make sure everything's okay. If you're noticing something is off in your body or in your energy, you should get it checked out too. This is Tiffany for Uhuru Reiki. Until next time!

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