Tiff Snips #17: The Wonder of Emotions

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

With the holidays around the corner, emotions can take center stage. The holidays can bring happy memories but also stress and depression. It is important to be aware of the root of your emotions and to learn how to manage them in order to heal, grow and shape your future. You can read an edited transcribe of the video below.

Hello beautiful people! This will be the last video before the holidays. And speaking of the holidays, I want to bring up the depth of emotions that come up when we think about this time of year. It can be depressing for some, it can be joyful for others but, if you are anything like me, the holidays are nothing like they used to be when I was a child. So when I was a child, Christmas had a sense of wonder and excitement to it, where now it is like we have to get geared up for it. We get to see family which is fun but it can also be very stressful.

Emotions can be hints to certain mind states, blocks, limitations or beliefs that we don;t really want to deal with. When you experience an emotion that doesn't really match the situation at hand or if sometimes find yourself overacting or immensely angry at a situation that is pretty tiny or small - basically a disproportionate reaction to an event or issue including a huge anger response, that is a good sign that there is more going on there. So, emotions are great for finding hidden booby traps in our minds and spirits from things we thought we had resolved but maybe we hadn't.

Another reason why emotions are super important and amazing is that they play a huge part in manifestation. The thing is, we are always manifesting though some people think if they have unattained goals it is because their manifestations aren't working but, that is not the case . This could be happening because their energy and their focus is not matching what they are trying to manifest. For example, let's say i'm trying to lose weight and I choose to focus on how healthy I feel, me preferring to the take they stairs instead of an elevator because I enjoy the exercise or things that help me to make better and healthier decisions so I that shift my entire well-being into a healthier place.

By choosing to stay focused on things like visualizing myself trimmed down and wearing a smaller dress size or that I am on vacation somewhere and am wearing a bikini instead of a one piece bathing suit and things like that I become motivated in a positive way. In contrast, if I look in the mirror every morning and think about how fat I perceive myself to be, how I've stretched out all of my pants and primarily focus things like that, then I will manifest or continue to manifest a reality where I do not lose the weight I want to and do not feel happy about the size or weight that I am. This is something about manifestation that is very important to know.

Going back to Christmas, the wonder and joy we felt about Christmas as kids - just being excited and not knowing for sure what we would get even though we may have had a Christmas list and remembering all of the excitement and surprise we had, it is sadly a drastic change to the adults many of us become. One of the things I have been practicing is to lock in on the feelings and emotions I would have if I reached my goals and then choose to experience the emotions in the now. So even though I have not achieved the goal yet, I lock in the satisfaction or feeling I will have when I have achieved the goal.

Instead on focusing on not being as excited about Christmas as I used to be and being bummed out by being an adult, I can focus on the emotions of excitement and wonder in healthy ways to experience these emotions as an adult. I do this by going to different places and wandering around because this activity gives me a sense of wonder and awe. Sometimes just browsing at things you would like to have or things you are not used to seeing and experiencing can give you a sense of excitement or wonder. When you choose to lock in these feelings and emotions, you can experience them just by thinking about them. This gives you joy and a youthful sparkle. So pay attention to your emotions and steer them. Take control of them.

This has been Tiffany for Uhuru Reiki, have a happy holiday. But, just in case you don't - book a reiki session with me over at UhuruReiki.com to reclaim your inner zen or get some if you don't have any. Until next time and maybe even next year, take care of yourselves!

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