Tiff Snips #16: What is Required for a Reiki Session?

"What exactly is required for a Reiki session?" is the second most frequently asked question I get from many first time Reiki clients, right after "what the heck is Reiki?". Hopefully this post will give you a better idea of what a Uhuru Reiki practitioner would need to give your very first Reiki session! You can read an edited transcript of the video below.

Hey everyone ! So I do sessions for clients primarily in their homes and their offices. To do a session either in your home or in your office, we require a space that is private and a space that is quiet. And if you don't have a lamp with soft lighting or you do not have a space that has access to natural lighting such as a window, I do have a small lamp that is nice. It is bright enough to see but dim enough for you to relax and it's also an oil warmer so I use that to release scents in order to help you stay nice and relaxed and calm.

So the ideal space is quiet, it's private and a space where we can control the lighting. And I do not always need to carry the lamp, and when I don't I just use scented oils - well actually a blend, I blend the oils myself and they are available for sale through me so contact me or inquire about them if I have a session with you or if you happen to pass by me and you think I smell really great ;) Anyway, I do a special oil blend to relax you and normally I apply it to my wrists and to my neck since when I am treating you I'm touching you or hovering over you. This provides a natural release of the scents from the warmth of my body.

Also in order to treat you we need an ideal surface so if it's in an office and it's not an office where I have a contract where I do multiple clients during the week so they would – in that case you guys or gals would have a nice massage table that I can use to treat all the clients there. If that is not the case, I can treat you in a chair. If I am treating you in your home I prefer that we use a straight back chair because something like a recliner won't work well because I need to be able to get to the back and the front of you at the same time. So a dinning chair or office chair will do. At home I can also treat you on your floor if you have hard flooring we could use a comforter or if you have a rug or carpet can just use a sheet. I can treat you on a sofa, the only requirement is that if I work with you on a sofa the area that is exposed, the area your legs and be in you were sitting up is clear and free of any furniture so I can move around and treat you.

And lastly or finally, I do treat clients in their bedrooms because sometimes their bedroom is the most ideal place especially if they have roommates or children. So I will do a session for you on your bed and since we will both be fully clothed this is completely fine. Usually I will give you a session where for the first 30 minutes, you will be facing up and for the final 30 minutes with you facing down, but this can be modified if you have an area that needs a little more TLC than the rest of your body. This is the same if I treat you on a table or on the floor. But for a chair treatment, you would stay in the same position throughout the session.

So those are the requirements in order for me to do a session with you in your home or at your office. If you are interested please visit my website UhuruReiki.com to book an appointment. You can also use the listed number on the website to call or text me, or you can email me. Whether you are watching this video on YouTube or on the Uhuru Reiki website, please subscribe to the Uhuru Reiki channel on YouTube to help get this information about Reiki out out to as many followers and as many viewers as possible - the dog behind me agrees. This has been Tiffany for Uhuru Reiki until next time, take care of yourself.

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