Tiff Snips #15: Challenge Your Comfort Zone

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

When was the last time you did something outside of your comfort zone? Staying in your comfort zone leads to stagnation and if you are standing still in life, then you are being left behind.

Hey beautiful people! Please don't judge my appearance, I am shooting this video after a very, very long day but - if you can see behind me, I thought this spot was really, really really cool. So I wanted to do a quick video here. I just need to ask you - when was the last time you did something that made you uncomfortable? A lot of us get into these routines, these patterns and even though there's comfort in knowing what's going to happen each day and how your schedule should unfold in your life, your set list, there's no excitement in there and there's no risk. And usually if you're not risking anything, if you're feeling super comfortable chances are you aren't making any changes and you aren't doing anything that's gonna help you shift your life into where you want it to be if it's not there now.

So just check in and see if have you been just a little too complacent in your life. Are there some areas where you can challenge yourself and push yourself to do something very different or unexpected. I think it's Oprah who says that when you're living your life you don't feel like you have just a little bit of pee coming down your leg you know you're really not doing anything - you're not living . So go out there and frighten yourselves just a little bit, try something different.

This is Tiffany of Uhuru Reiki, please leave a comment about something that you've done or something that you want to do that would really make you uncomfortable or that you think would maybe give you a big shift - a nice big jolt of momentum forward, please let me know. Oh and also if you have not already subscribed to my

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