Tiff Snips #14: Introducing the Saboteur

During the making of this video, I encountered some little saboteurs of my own but ultimately proved victorious, lol. This is the second part of my Shadow Work Season series where I examine some uncomfortable truths but also provide ways to work through them. You can read the transcript of the video below.

Hey everyone, I'm doing a video that is kind of a follow-up to the Shadow Work Season series, so this will be the second in the series. In the first part of the series I talked about The Lessons and Blessings of the Bad Guy. So for this one I was playing with two names and finally decided on: Introducing the Saboteur. Basically we'll be looking at the ways the we sabotage ourselves and our patterns around sabotage.

Okay, so one of the easiest examples I can think of in self sabotage is when we - actually I shouldn't say we but more so me. An example of self sabotage is when I go into a negative kind of tailspin when I have a new opportunity or something unexpected comes up even if it looks like a blessing at first , I may start to self sabotage by thinking about all the reasons why it's not going to work or maybe subconsciously thinking about if I really deserve this, or if it is what I really think it is? I start trying to really dissect what's in front of me in a way where it can skew towards being negative. You might do this too - especially if you have that inner critic that sits on your shoulder or inside your head. And whenever you are going do something huge or momentous - anything that should really make you nervous because it's somewhat of a challenge, you may start to self sabotage.

Now, while being mindful of self-sabotage over time can help decrease how often you have those thoughts and that whole kind of spin that happens you can try different techniques to stop, halt or minimize it. One way you can do that is to focus on the current moment - the now. Because usually when we're worrying or we're doing that downward spin it's because we're thinking about the future or thinking about the past. So just try focusing on this moment, focus on the present situation at hand and you may be able to kind of decrease that pattern of sabotage. Another way that can help you reduce self-sabotaging habits is to try meditation or do some deep breathing. Also, do a search on YouTube for positive thinking frequencies, positive mantras or positive affirmations and try playing them while you're sleeping. I recommend first listening to the video while you're awake to really see if you connect to it and if it resonates to you, if it does go ahead and listen to it while you sleep. Doing this allows it to go directly into subconscious without resistance it may encounter when you are awake.

Another way that self-sabotage can come up a lot is in relationships, not just romantic relationships but also in friendships. This is true when you're in the initial stages of getting to know someone but this is also true when you have a misunderstanding wit they have someone, whether it's a friend or your partner – you feel that they have done something that should have known better but you don't communicate it, you kind of sit and stew and it could be a matter of them just not being aware. We forget sometimes people don't think the way we do, so we assume people should know better but it just doesn't work that way. Sometimes when we start to make those assumptions we put walls up and we can end up sabotaging our relationships even if they've existed for a while because we feel slighted. So that is another way we end up sabotaging ourselves.

Well, this has been Tiffany for Uhuru Reiki and I hope you guys enjoyed Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. Hope to catch you guys in my next video. And please if you have not subscribed to the Uhuru Reiki channel, please subscribe! This is a new endeavor and I really would like for it to be successful and I would appreciate your support in helping it be successful. Until next time!

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