Tiff Snips #13: A Moment of Gratitude and the Intention of Uhuru Reiki

This video needs no intro! Check out the edited transcription below.

I am shooting this video the week before Thanksgiving even though it may end up going up either just before Thanksgiving or maybe just after Thanksgiving but I just want to say one of the things I'm reflecting on this year and being really really really

grateful about is Reiki. Finding Reiki and having Reiki find me and finding myself again because of Reiki, so I just really want to say I'm so grateful for that, I'm so grateful for my teacher Geordie Numata of Deer Spirit Reiki for being a really great teacher and mentor on this path. I really appreciate you Geordie, if you're watching.

And going forward I want to start to think about other ways I can cover issues that matter to you. Things that you would like me to talk about. Or any questions you may

have Reiki. So please feel free to leave a comment on the bottom of this video or my website if you want to learn more about Reiki. You can also check out the frequently

asked questions I have up over at UhuruReiki.com. Uhuru is Swahili for freedom, so I chose that name because I see Reiki which is a way of enlightenment also very much as a way of healing, not just other people but yourselves.

I see healing as the path to freedom for all of us - inside and out. My intention behind Uhuru Reiki is for people to reconnect with that deep joy and presence of being free - letting of old hurts, old wounds, old patterns, old behaviors.

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