Tiff Snips #12 The Lessons and Blessings of the Bad Guy

The autumn and winter seasons bring us longer nights and shorter days. This darker time of year is great for introspection and exploring hidden parts of ourselves. This video touches on the shadow work season and re-evaluating and integrating our disowned selves. See an edited transcript below.

Hello, I will be doing a super short video - I hope at least, super short because it is cold out here! For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we're experiencing autumn in theory but for those of us in New York and actually at the time I'm shooting this video a good portion of the eastern seaboard we're experiencing winter temperatures today. So I wanted to talk about how with us transitioning into the time of year where it's darker it's a perfect time for a shadow work and you know working on the undercurrents that are going on within our life and working on the somewhat hidden aspects of our personalities and our psyches so I'm calling this shadow work season and hoping to do a series.

In the first part of this series, I will talk about is the blessings and the lessons of the bad guy. And when you think about bad guys, you may think about Freddy Krueger or Jason and Chucky – those kind of bad guys then also you know in a political climate there can be other kinds of bad guys as well malicious dictators, you know - those kinds. In life, a lot of times we come across the bad guy and we get so caught up and demonizing them and realizing everything that's wrong with them and sometimes making sure everyone that we know, knows everything that's wrong with them. So we don't see that bad guys can be a lesson for us because they tend to create conflict and one of the best ways to learn about yourself is to see how you handle conflict. Do you avoid it? When dealing with conflict, are you the kind of person that goes for scorched earth or are you the kind of person who just wants to find a resolution in the most peaceful way the most benevolent way?

So conflict teaches us a lot about ourselves and who we really are. Because anyone can be an angel when things are going great,wonderful and everyone loves us. But who we are when things go bad - to me that shows who you really are at your core – not the person you're able to be when everything's perfect. So the bad guy reveals ourselves to us in a way, and sometimes the worst things we see in other people are actually reflections of things we don't like about ourselves. Sometimes the bad guy really is a mirror, or sometimes the bad guy is a way of purposely bringing up issues that we need to face and deal with that we have avoided dealing with in our lives in the past. The bad guy bring this up for us to deal with one final time so we can be done with it. I am curious to hear what everyone thinks about this and if you have your own lessons and blessings to share that you've gotten from the bad guys or bad girls in your life, please leave a comment below and let me know!

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