Tiff Snips #11: Shine Your Light

This post is still a work in progress in that, I am still discovering new ways to shine my own light and sometimes still unearthing when and where I retreat or hide due to my own fears or past dissension from people who didn't quite get me. Here I share the bit that I have figured out so far.

Hey Everyone! I decided to do this video about shutting down our lights or kind of dimming our lights, what that means, how it affects our relationships and how it relates to other people. So in the last video I did about the benefits of being a Reiki practitioner, I did mention how when I was younger I had certain intuitive gifts and I used to rely on them a lot more, because as children we don't over think things. If something comes to us naturally we just do it, we just act on it. So I touched on how I think that a lot of intuitive people were taught that the way we are approach life is wrong because it doesn't make sense to people who don't have that intuitive kind of guidance.

Some people are kind of bothered by people with really bright lights. I don't know if it is because the feel intimidated or feel that it triggers their insecurities and instead of having the ability to reflect and say "hey maybe it's about me", they kind of attack whether it's intentionally or not - it could be subconsciously, be direct or maybe passive-aggressive but when they have certain insecurities and they have not dealt with how that affects their behaviour, and I mean we all have some, but someone who really knows who they are and knows what they want and stands in their I Am power, has a very bright light which can be very threatening to others. It is sad because you know that's never your intention usually - well, I can't say for everyone but at least for me the intention never is to make anyone feel small or less than. It's just I have to live my truth. I have to live life in my way, I have to follow my guidance and no it doesn't make sense to a lot of people but spiritual guidance os tailored for the receiver not for those who observe the receiver of intuition or spiritual guidance,Their guidance is meant for them and our guidance meant for us but that can be a difficult thing to deal with if maybe they're not people who are aware of that.

And then a lot of it is - I don't want to say tribal but you have different cultures and society norms where some cultures are more individual based and some are more tribe based. So the issue is if you belong to a tribe or a group where it's not normal for people to have that intuition or they're not in touch with it and thus don't rely on it to be their navigation, then you are going against the cultural norm. And that usually creates friction and what we tend to do is we make ourselves smaller, we conform because we don't like that friction it doesn't feel good, you know? But if you haven't already figured out what I'm about to say, it's that when we dim our light, we do so much damage to ourselves and in that moment, yes maybe you conform more and people can relate to you a little bit better and not feel threatened. We do it to make life and existence more comfortable in that moment but when you live from that place, it starts to become your normal. You forget that you were a person who had a certain kind of light about you, had a certain kind of passionate spark about you. You forget that because you get used to living so much smaller because you don't want to hurt people around you or because they take that sense of knowing and standing in your power as a threat to them when that's not what it should be.

I've definitely been a person that's done that and I probably am still doing that and to some (hopefully a much lesser) extent. It depends on who you are to me and what phase of my life you met me during, you may have seen times where I accepted things that I shouldn't or didn't speak up when I should. When you've been one way publicly and people see you that way even though that's not what you feel in your heart, when you start to live as your authentic self and shine your light unapologetically especially to people who have known you for a long time they're gonna push back. It's going feel like you wanting to stand in your own power somehow becomes a personal affront to some and can definitely be jolting for them. If you're not aware of this you may internalize the not so positive responses. If you are in a situation where there is a romantic relationship, a friendship or a job where you are noticing that you have to show up as a smaller version of yourself to not rock the boat and not I don't mean rock the boat as far as being seen as different but rock the boat as far as having to deal with a certain level of criticism and hostility that is really about who you are, do not ignore it. Do not let people create a toxic situation for you because you are standing in your truth and in your light by becoming hostile or passive aggressive or engaging in microaggressions. If you stay in that situation you will find yourself looking up years down the line and going "how did I get to this place, why does my life look like this" because you learn to just accept these behaviors from people and a part of you will always be unhappy until you figure out how to turn your light back on and all the way up.

If you're in a situation where you're noticing that you have to be a lesser version of yourself in order to make the situation work, it is time to really start thinking about an exit strategy, (like seriously) because we all deserve to be somewhere where we are appreciated. We all deserve to be somewhere where we can completely be ourselves. I'm not saying to be selfish and completely uncaring about other people's feelings as we should still to navigate through our lives as compassionate beings. But you owe it to yourself to either phase out or at least create some distance between yourself and people, places and things that dim your light. You will never be able to step into your true destiny, your true blessings and your true calling if you can't even step into being who you are outloud. I'm not saying don't work on developing a tough skin because there will be situations where even though you're hit with hostility you will not be able to leave immediately, so you should still work on setting boundaries so that if you are forced to be in a situation like that, it doesn't affect you as deeply and as negatively as it can if you don't have strong boundaries in place. At the same time take responsibility for your life and the energy in it which, includes the people around you because they are energy too. Stack the deck in your favor by being around people and situations and places where you get to shine as bright as you want!

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