Tiff Snips #10: The Benefits of Being a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki continues to surprise me and in this post I share new insights into being a Reiki practitioner and some benefits of Reiki that you may not know about, as well as an update on my Reiki journey. Below the video is an edited transcript with more clarification.

Hello, everyone! I am trying something different today - shooting at night.. Well I want to say that it is on purpose but, not really, sometimes you have to try something new. So, what should I talk about today? I think I will talk about the benefits of being a Reiki practitioner. I mentioned before what I feel during Reiki sessions, one of the things you may not know about Reiki is that as practitioners we receive Reiki treatments everytime we give someone a treatment. So in addition to having the built- in feel good sensation from helping someone, you are also working on yourself and healing yourself everytime you give someone a Reiki treatment which is amazing, right?

Furthermore, besides being a relaxation technique and a method of healing - actually a method of promoting self healing - that is really what we are doing as Reiki practitioners since healing is something we are all innately able to do whether we know it or not. But that is a whole other discussion and something to tackle in another video. For the purpose of this video I want to mention one more benefit of Reiki - it is a path (one of many) to enlightenment.

To be completely honest, Reiki tends to draw in people who are already on a spiritual path. So in addition to providing health benefits for the receiver and giver, Reiki deepens the connection we have to something greater than ourselves - the universal lifeforce, God. Little by little as you heal, Reiki expands your ability to make quicker jumps in evolution and become a more conscious being.Therefore it helps you to become more spiritual awakened which leads to a lot of interesting things.

Now that I think about it, this video could also be follow up to the How Does Reiki Feel blog post. What I feel during a Reiki session as a practitioner has gotten stronger. This happens when a Reiki practitioner gives Reiki treatments frequently because Reiki is like a skill or a muscle - the more you use it, the better it will become. Giving Reiki regularly allows Reiki practitioners to become more sensitive to energy and sensations while making their Reiki stronger.

People who I treated months ago and still receive Reiki treatments from me have commented on the energy - how the strength and intensity of the Reiki has increased. Now in addition to feeling when something is released in a client, the prickly sensations on the palms of my hands that I would get when there is an issue with the area I am treating has changed and I now get a numbing/tingling sensation I did not get before. Also, I have noticed that when I am giving someone Reiki I will get guidance to focus on certain areas of their bodies without having to scan their bodies to feel for abnormalities. This is great because sometimes I am guided to parts of a client's body that are not obvious or were not mentioned to me previously as having issues. And during a Reiki session if a part of my body suddenly starts to hurt or feel weird then I know the person I am giving Reiki to has an issue in the same part of their body.

Another thing I have enjoyed discovering about Reiki as a daily practice and path to evolution/enlightenment that helps get insights into yourself and the world is that it has helped to develop natural talents. I have always been an intuitive person but somewhere along the way the I lost the ability to rely on and trust my intuition, which I think happens to a lot of people. Reiki has really helped me to reconnect with that part of me after it being dormant for a while and I remembered that is used to be very natural for me to navigate through life following that intuitive guidance and trust it to alert me to when something was wrong, or give me insight into a challenge or guidance on an action to take.

I am now much more comfortable about not sticking to a schedule. I used to be the kind of person who needed a schedule and had to stick it, God help anyone who disrupted my planned schedule and list of things I had to do that day as I would get very upset. However, taking the path of Reiki has made me more open minded to being in the moment, living in the now, being spontaneous, flowing with life and receiving guidance in real time. When walking through the city I might be guided to go down a certain street and end up discovering a place that I did know existed. Or be nudged to go into a store and end up finding something I was thinking about or looking for. Now I stay in tune with the energy of the day and allow that to set my agenda, if I have a task, event or appointment scheduled that does not work out or go according to plan I am a lot more at peace about it than I was before.

Also, I will get a nagging feeling if I plan on doing a task at a future time but should do it right away. Sure enough, something last minute will pop up that requires my time and focus during the same time period I originally planned to do the task and I am relieved that I listened to that gut feeling that told me not to procrastinate so I can focus on what surprise life has in store for me instead of worrying about what I was not able to do and will not be able to accomplish, I am no longer distracted from whatever amazing adventure or miraculous experience has landed in my lap at the last minute. This has all been a wonderful bonus to being a Reiki practitioner which, is awesome! The path of the Reiki practitioner is a good path to be on but, it is something that calls you. For me it feels great to be on this path and be sharing the journey with you.

Hopefully this video was not to heavy, I just thought I should share my progress and what I am currently experiencing. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below!

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