The Myth of Powerlessness

After dealing with setback after setback during a short period of time in my life I ended up in a place that I did not recognize, and never dreamed I would ever be in this lifetime. I felt powerless and hopeless, so it wasn't long before I could feel the familiar feeling of depression closing in on me. But I was able to shift from feeling powerless and trapped by taking one small step at a time to create a bigger change in my life, and realized that as I took small actions to change the things I could, the small changes started to add up to a larger change.

It is so tricky to be in that spot initially because you can get caught up in thinking that you need a huge change or miracle to shift your life, when the "miracle" actually takes shape once you start taking action. We are co-creators in our destinies and it takes more than hope and dreams to shape our lives on a larger scale.

So start small if you must but chip away at your state of powerlessness. to focus on the one thing we ever have control over - ourselves. We cannot hope to attain peace and joy by waiting for those around us to give it to us - we must give it to ourselves. We cannot control what others do to us, but we can control how we choose to feel about it. Stay in your true power!

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