Coronavirus Ahas

Updated: May 19, 2020

As a child, it was uncommon for me to get timeouts while attending after school daycare. During the few timeouts I did receive in my childhood, I remember sitting quietly while watching all of the other kids play. Not being able to participate in what was going on around me was the hardest part of a timeout since I was not all that loquacious as a child and spent enough time alone with my thoughts to sit quietly without going mad. But during a timeout at least I knew how long my imposed isolation would last as I checked the clock feverishly.

Flash forward to today when millions of people are self isolating and social distancing across the world to prevent further spread of the coronavirus and not overwhelm our health institutions. We all keep looking at the clock, but the end date is nebulous and ever changing. This time is unprecedented for most of us as we’ve had to learn to live with a high level of uncertainty indefinitely. Sustained periods of uncertainty have a way of either making us fearful or fearless. (Personally the last five years of my life have been an uncertain mess.) Additionally, this long pause in our normal routines has given us a lot of time to reflect on our lives and take stock of what needs to come, stay or go.

As freaked out as some of us were to be let go of from jobs or be on indefinite hiatus we may have realized how much we hated those jobs and take this time to position ourselves to begin a new job or career. Also, the extended time at home without many of our stress outlets (gyms, social groups, meetups, meals with friends etc.) and distractions have forced many of us to deal with issues at home that we were ignoring or tolerating. On the brighter side, this Covid-19 timeout has also illuminated the things and people that we value in our lives so we can realign our lives in ways that make them a priority. What have you realized is worth living for during the age of the coronavirus? How have your priorities shifted?

The covid 19 pandemic has forever changed the landscape of our lives as we know it.

I was just getting my footing with Uhuru Reiki when this global timeout started. Uhuru Reiki Oils had a loyal following that I was working on expanding as well as getting more clients for in person Reiki sessions. Additionally, I had been lucky enough to volunteer as a Reiki Practitioner three times a week which helped me immensely spiritually, emotionally and physically. When everything just stopped I felt lost because Reiki is not just something I do - it had become a way of life for me as well as becoming deeply ingrained into my identity. Giving myself Reiki and doing distance healing Reiki sessions has been a source of peace during these troubling times and has reaffirmed for me that Reiki is supposed to be a part of my life, come what may.

I hope this timeout has reaffirmed some things for you as well and wish that you all stay safe and sane! Feel free to share your Coronavirus ahas. And if you would like some help finding peace, contact me to book a distant healing Reiki session.

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