Being Mastered by Reiki

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

I have tried to write this first blog post three different times and became resigned to not having a blog on this site. I would start writing about the beginning of my Reiki journey but it seemed painfully long winded, then I took a shot at focusing on what changed for me once I completed certification for the Reiki Master Teacher level and still ran out of steam. It felt like I was going in the wrong direction each time. And then I was reminded that all of life is a journey filled with ups and downs, and the most compelling thing I could do is share an authentic and vulnerable part of my story.

About eight months ago I was going through a dark time in my life (one of many). I'd been dealing with chronic pain following multiple injuries and had lost a job, a boyfriend and a place called home in a relatively short amount of time (a record even for me). My future already seemed uncertain when chronic back pain entered the picture. And for those of you who believe that physical pain is linked to our emotions, my lower back pain could have been forcing me to deal the sense of feeling unsupported or powerless. In seeking relief, I tried stretches, oral medications, steroid shots, acupuncture and finally Reiki. After receiving Reiki to help manage my chronic pain, it completely mastered me.

In less than two months after my introduction to Reiki, I became a student - learning Reiki from the amazing Geordie Numata (I would list all of his disciplines but I am trying to keep this post short). I needed to learn how to make other people feel the way I did when I first experienced Reiki from one of Geordie's students. I had been living with daily back pain and spasms for months and was becoming resigned to living a life in pain at less than 40 years of age. The moment Reiki began to flow into my body from a lovely person named Laura, I felt a beautiful, floating and loving sensation. But more importantly for the first time in months I felt absolutely no pain, not a diminished sense of pain but no. pain. at. all! That was the day I fell in love with Reiki. That was less than five months ago and here I am a Reiki Master practitioner with her own business.

I fell in love with Reiki and surrendered to it – allowed it to master me. I guess this what some would call a “calling” if you will. Now I could tell you that Reiki will solve all of your problems magically and miraculously in a flash but, it wont. While Reiki can be felt instantly, it's overall effect on your life and health happens gradually and subtly. Each time that you receive Reiki little by little, you become more relaxed, more resilient, more optimistic, etc. You may notice some relief in your pain immediately but do not expect to be instantly healed.

I practice self Reiki every day, it is now my morning cup of coffee and I will not start my day without it. In fact, I do not feel like myself if I do not practice Reiki after waking up. Let that sink in for a moment. Reiki has mastered me and every day it reminds me more and more of who I am. Everyday life can cause you to forget yourself and make you lose touch with your emotions. Or maybe you stuff them down intentionally because they do not fit into your schedule and are inconvenient to deal with at certain times. Perhaps allowing yourself to face those emotions scares you. Whatever the reason, it is easy to forget that we are multifaceted beings, more than flesh and bones. Being at our best means taking care of all aspects of ourselves - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Falling out of alignment or neglecting self-care in just of those areas can manifest into some pretty gnarly outcomes. For many including myself, Reiki is not just a relaxation technique, but a practice of awareness and stillness that leads to deep healing across all facets of yourself. So, please promise me and yourself that even if you never personally experience Reiki, you will make a daily practice of doing something that deepens your awareness and tend to yourself in a holistic way.

With gratitude and love,

Tiffany Credle

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