Be Free to Be You

I chose the name Uhuru Reiki for my business because uhuru is Swahili for freedom. Throughout my life I have always chased freedom - freedom from oppression, freedom of expression, freedom from patriarchy, freedom from mediocrity, freedom from pain, freedom from the mundane... My need for freedom has often surpassed the need for stability with terrifying results but freedom is like oxygen to me and I suffocate and wither without it. As I've gotten older, I realized that what I really desired was the freedom to be myself 100% of the time - the true me with all of the faults and vulnerabilities, but also with all of the quirks and fantastical dreams. I craved the freedom of being an imperfect and pure me - unapologetically.

One of the greatest threats to the ability to be the versions of ourselves we would most like to be is our environments and the company we keep. This concept is something we can never be reminded of too often. It creates an interesting challenge for those of us who have gone into career fields of healing and service where we may spend a lot of time with people during the worst and lowest moments of their lives. People who may have forgotten who they really are and are living from places of devastation and trauma. Here is a reminder to cultivate a circle  of people who remind you of the best traits of yourself and of the traits you wish to acquire.

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