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Founded by Tiffany Credle in  NYC, Uhuru Reiki is the culmination of years of spiritual development and life challenges. Over the years Tiffany studied multiple spiritual practices and meditation techniques in hopes of reaching inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. Many of these techniques required extensive practice before obvious results were apparent.

After receiving Reiki as part of a pain management treatment, Tiffany noticed an immediate decrease in pain during and after Reiki sessions. Additionally, other areas of her life experienced positive transformation within weeks of consistent Reiki sessions. She was so impressed with the power of Reiki that she became a Reiki Master Teacher and incorporated her previous spiritual experiences into her reiki practice.  In addition to giving Reiki sessions and teaching Reiki, Tiffany offers clients holistic remedy suggestions and special Reikied oil blends to help with their ailments.

Uhuru is the Swahili word for freedom. Uhuru Reiki is meant to liberate you from anything that prevents you from being your true and best self. Reiki is great for releasing bad habits, patterns and behaviors by increasing your level of awareness through deep and transformational relaxation. With Uhuru Reiki, you can heal your mind and spirit so your body can heal itself. At our best, we are love, and Uhuru Reiki is here to remind us of that.

To ensure that Reiki can be experienced by people from different walks life, Tiffany currently volunteers at The Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center, The Alliance For Positive Change, and the Free Clinic For Recovery which is a monthly clinic that is hosted at The Point.


.Darlene Christ is a passionate Reiki Master Teacher and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor. Darlene has always had an interest in integrative therapies and alternative healing methods. She discovered mindfulness meditation in 2015 after experiencing a life crisis and became a mindfulness meditation coach. Her goal is to  bring the gifts of mindfulness and healing to others. Darlene is currently studying NADA acupuncture and volunteering at The Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center and the Free Clinic For Recovery.